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FOREST Motorized Curtain System

Now you can open or close your curtains effortlessly with only one touch!

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

  • Multi Chanel Remote control: Up to 15 channels. The system can be operated by group or individually with built-in timer. This saves the homeowner the extra time and hassle of having to open and close multiple windows several times a day.

  • Touch Impulse: A gentle pull on the curtain to activate the motor.

  • Bendable / Curving track: FMS track can be bended to fit various window sizes and shapes.

  • Heavy Duty & Reliable: The maximum weight for ceiling or wall mounting is 10kg per meter of track up to 70kg.

  • Ultra Silent: Forest Shuttle motorprovides a smooth and quiet operation.


  • For big houses with multiple large and tall/ duplex windows, motorized systems offer great convenience to children, the elderly and those who have mobility problems.


Motorized Systems

USD 399.00
USD 137.00 - 66%