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Elyza's Pengantin Collection


New concept of Bridal Room by ELYZA’S

The Bridal Room is one of the essentials for a wedding. A wedding ceremony would be incomplete if the bridal room decoration was neglected.
It has always been customary for guests to come and have a look for a day at the Bridal Room.

Elyza’s Bridal Room Collection comprises of 9 exciting styles from 5 Design Concepts that include Floral Country, Traditional Elegant, Neo Classic and Urban Contemporary.

Elyza’s Bridal Room collection brings comfort and satisfaction to the newlywed’s life.
It’s a celebration of Romance and Happiness in the wedding, this collection is also a great choice for today's young couple who are smart in expressing their unique taste and aesthetic value.


Curtains  ·  Fabrics

USD 123.00